E.nopi English

Now is the best time to develop your Child’s problem solving & analytical skills.

The ONLY One in the World that teaches Critical Thinking!




During 2000-2002, Daekyo English's curriculum was created by two highly accredited English professors, Dr. Valdez from UCLA and Dr. Goodwill from Columbia, along with sixty veteran elementary school teachers with over ten years of experience in the field. The teachers worked on building, developing and editing the content of the curriculum for three years. Their goal was to design a program that would help children develop their language skills effectively and systematically through a first-rate English curriculum.

E.nopi ENGLISH provide students (K~9) with a highly individualized, step-by-step learning program focused on Basic and Critical Thinking skills.


E.nopi ENGLISH is based on U.S. Department of Education curriculum standards for English Language Arts. The goal of E.nopi English is to help students master English systematically through enhancing the target language use. For these purposes, E.nopi English is designed, based on four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. This develops the areas of literacy and literature in a balanced way.

Reading and Writing is pivotal to learning. No matter what they are studying, students benefit when they use writing to understand concepts, solve problems, communicate ideas, and make sense of what they read and learn. Enopi ENGLISH has a central mission – to improve student writing and learning by improving the teaching of writing.  E.nopi students master English language skills while enhancing the four fundamental skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Various themes and diverse strategies will motivate students, nurture study habits, and develop language capabilities which are sure to be the basis of lifetime learning. 



  • Individualized and highly customized program
  • Starting point determined by a Diagnostic Test
  • Periodical progress reports
  • Prepare students for the writing at school, college, the community and workplace.
  • Aligns with the U.S. Department of Education curriculum standards
  • Recognized by the NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English).
  • Highest quality, colorful, kid-friendly materials.
  • Provides a self feedback learning system.
  • Covers all four areas of English : Comprehension, Fluency, Writing, and Word Study ( Grammar)
  • Only program that includes critical thinking curriculum, providing your child an advantage in state testing and later on the SAT and ACT tests.
  • Systematic language acquisition
  • Integrates a wide range of vocabulary
  • Reading comprehension practice meaning and usage
  • Improves critical thinking and comprehensive skills
  • Gain self-confidence in studying English language arts
  • Low Student-Teacher Ratio [5:1]


  • Students will learn English with fun, interest and ease.
  • Students will integrate a wide range of vocabulary including both meaning and usage.
  • Students will develop an appreciation for, and joy of, reading.
  • Students will gain self-confidence in studying English language arts.
  • Students will learn grammar and critical reading skills
  • Students will improve writing skills


Fundamental Language Skills

E.nopi ENGLISH consists of Basic Language Arts and Reading with Vocabulary. E.nopi English endows students’ confidence in studying English through systematic language acquisition, reading comprehension practice, and thereby improving critical thinking and comprehension skills. Basic Language Arts helps students to acquire basic languages skills through fundamental language structure, reading and writing. Reading with vocabulary helps students to extend their previously acquired knowledge.

Individualized Program

E.nopi ENGLISH helps each student to start from the point where he/she is able to work with confidence and independence (the 'starting point'). E.nopi ENGLISH follows the standard school grades. However the starting point will be determined by a Diagnostic Test.

Interesting and Fun

E.nopi ENGLISH helps sustain students' enjoyment and interest in studying English. E.nopi ENGLISH suggests various approaches to solve problems and provides proper and effective supplementary materials.


English Study Model

Study Material


E.nopi ENGLISH materials contain Beautiful, full-color, fun printed materials with interesting cartoon figures which includes Diagnostic Tests, English Workbooks, Comprehensive Tests, Active Listening, Flash Cards, Achievement Tests, Pronunciation Charts, etc.

We also use sets of CDs for active listening skills in the class.